What Easter Means To Me

Hello guys,

It’s April 2017 and currently at this moment I can’t think of anyone who I would literally die on a cross for. Maybe my immediate family, but even then there would have to be some perks. I’m thinking at least a secluded table area in Heaven with a plus 9 guest list, wings on tap, T-Pain on repeat. At least.

This is why when I get to Easter I struggle with the cross. This guy died for people he never knew! People he never knew, that could even perhaps go on in life and become, i’m sorry Mum, ultimate dickheads!

I mean these are just a few of the people Jesus died for..

  • He died for Lorraine at Starbucks who spells my name with a D instead of a B.
  • He died for that ‘Artist’ who thinks their crowdfunded EP will solve Syria.
  • He died for the Olsen twins.
  • He died for the guy who still has to wear the Nandos chicken outfit.
  • He died for The Great Khali.
  • He died for all the lads who are true true lads.
  • He died for all the Doctor Who actors.
  • He died for Scunthorpe fans.
  • He died for the Akabusi family.
  • He died for every Gareth Malone choir.
  • He died for the cast of Roseanne.
  • He died for the guy on the Daz adverts.
  • He died for little Ant and Dec.
  • He died for all of The Sugababes.
  • He died for the guys who ring up Babestation.
  • He died for every Blue Peter presenter, and their pets. (George, Mabel etc)
  • He died for that guy who thinks The Holiday should of been Oscar nominated
  • He died for the guy who pitched Turkey Dinosaurs as a concept. (What a guy)
  • He died for the introverts.
  • He died for the clowns.
  • He died for the anxious
  • He died for the messy.
  • He died for the addicts.
  • He died for the cynics.
  • He died for the simple.
  • He died for the weird
  • He died for the quiet.
  • He died for the optimists.
  • He died for the performers.
  • He died for the dreamers.
  • He died for the creators.
  • He died for the curious.
  • He died for the rebels.

He invited all.

And thus, It was a good Friday.

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