5 Reasons I Love Trump

Ok it’s a false title, so what get over it. I need to market this irrelevant tin pot blog somehow!!

I don’t like being controversial but I’ll go out on a limb and say the Internet Messiah game is very much weighted towards the top. There was a time when you could release ‘Getting to the 2nd Date’ posts every fortnight and still gain significant traction. Not now people. No. The game is dead. So false titles it is.

Anyway since my last post banger, (A Letter to the 15 Year Old Me – still available) it saddens me that the political climate has gone kind of bland, vanilla, almost an Air BnB stay in Derby-esq.* Reluctantly once again I need to drop my community garden project and use this platform to stir the coals in some of you.

I wish that was the case.

The truth everyone is a bit scared. I have many  friends who are anxious and unsettled at the state of the world. That’s fair.  But something gets my back up when people say  ‘Lets book our seats for the apocalypse.’ When people celebrate the condition of the world as a sign of the end times. When people subscribe to the spirit of ‘everything is getting shittier.’ It pisses me off.

Some news for you.

I do not subscribe to the spirit of everything is getting shittier. 

Let me tell you this. Whatever day you find yourself in, there is always an opportunity for hope. Presidents come and go. Hope does not. So do yourself a favour take your eyes off the doomsday clock, turn off the media horror show, and start to breathe again. Be confident that good is happening in this world. Because it is. We are not at the end yet. We’ve barely started.


It’s gonna be ok.




*I have never stayed in Derby.