A Letter To The 15 Year Old Me

Hey Rob,

Mid twenties Rob ere, hope you’re well..

Just a quick heads up, MTV cancelled Laguna beach, oh and your band split up, soz. Anyway here are some things I’ve learned that will help you in the next decade.

  • LOVE people.
  • Your job doesn’t define you.
  • They’ll drop, be patient..
  • God is closer than you think.
  • Singleness isn’t the worst relationship status in the world.
  • All that WWE trivia knowledge will be a waste.
  • You’re not on borrowed time
  • Celebrate other people’s victories as your own
  • Don’t confuse success with popularity.
  •  Pokemon will be back.
  • You can’t avoid confrontation your whole life Rob. Rob?
  • Read idiot.
  • Just tell her!!!!!!!! 
  • Yeah about the 3 quarter lengths and shin high socks combo..
  • Be the most authentic Rob Morgan you can be. 
  • Dreaming big will be hard on you, but don’t let that stop you. (This point works better sung  to the Glee soundtrack)
  • They’re going to do Dumb and Dumber 2,  stop them.
  • You’re sexier than you give yourself credit for, seriously..
  • Chill out on the Nutella though, seriously..
  • Be a generous giver x100.
  • Joy is powerful. Put it in your bag and take it wherever you go.
  • Let your yes mean yes and no mean no.
  • Art is important.
  • Relationships, life is about relationships.
  • Don’t let the news tell you how to think.
  • Live in the present.
  • Growing older is fun.
  • Hope big.
  • See the gold in people.
  • Wear your retainer.
  • Jeez quit doing them MJ moves.
  • There’s other TV shows than The Office   (Actually, no)
  • Delete your Myspace account.
  • Travel to weird /far away/Pret A Manger-free countries.
  • Get good at something, good enough they start paying you.
  • Have the courage to follow the less travelled path.
  • Quoting High School Musical isn’t ‘getting you in there.’
  • 97.4% of the stuff you worry about will never happen to you.
  • Celebrate your weirdness.
  • No haircut will ever compliment you.
  • Don’t compromise on stuff that’s important to you.
  • The Doug thing won’t stop.
  •  No shame in running up your blockbuster fine so you can re-watch Just Married. #noshame
  • Live well. 


Yours faithfully,

Mid twenties Rob.







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