A Letter To The 15 Year Old Me

Hey Rob,

Mid twenties Rob ere, hope you’re well..

Just a quick heads up, MTV cancelled Laguna beach, oh and your band split up, soz. Anyway here are some things I’ve learned that will help you in the next decade.

  • LOVE people.
  • Your job doesn’t define you.
  • They’ll drop, be patient..
  • God is closer than you think.
  • Singleness isn’t the worst relationship status in the world.
  • All that WWE trivia knowledge will be a waste.
  • You’re not on borrowed time
  • Celebrate other people’s victories as your own
  • Don’t confuse success with popularity.
  •  Pokemon will be back.
  • You can’t avoid confrontation your whole life Rob. Rob?
  • Read idiot.
  • Just tell her!!!!!!!! 
  • Yeah about the 3 quarter lengths and shin high socks combo..
  • Be the most authentic Rob Morgan you can be. 
  • Dreaming big will be hard on you, but don’t let that stop you. (This point works better sung  to the Glee soundtrack)
  • They’re going to do Dumb and Dumber 2,  stop them.
  • You’re sexier than you give yourself credit for, seriously..
  • Chill out on the Nutella though, seriously..
  • Be a generous giver x100.
  • Joy is powerful. Put it in your bag and take it wherever you go.
  • Let your yes mean yes and no mean no.
  • Art is important.
  • Relationships, life is about relationships.
  • Don’t let the news tell you how to think.
  • Live in the present.
  • Growing older is fun.
  • Hope big.
  • See the gold in people.
  • Wear your retainer.
  • Jeez quit doing them MJ moves.
  • There’s other TV shows than The Office   (Actually, no)
  • Delete your Myspace account.
  • Travel to weird /far away/Pret A Manger-free countries.
  • Get good at something, good enough they start paying you.
  • Have the courage to follow the less travelled path.
  • Quoting High School Musical isn’t ‘getting you in there.’
  • 97.4% of the stuff you worry about will never happen to you.
  • Celebrate your weirdness.
  • No haircut will ever compliment you.
  • Don’t compromise on stuff that’s important to you.
  • The Doug thing won’t stop.
  •  No shame in running up your blockbuster fine so you can re-watch Just Married. #noshame
  • Live well. 


Yours faithfully,

Mid twenties Rob.








NOBODY CARES! (In a good way)

If you’ve never had a girlfriend, if you don’t know what you’re doing in life, if your dream to be an actor isn’t working out, if you’ve never really had a proper job, if you’re still living at home, if nobody bought your soul/folk EP, if your Youtube channel has 5 subscribers, if you’ve put on 2 stone this year, if you’re on your 8th gap year, if you started writing a book  but never finished it, if your Tech start up is failing, if nobody asked you to prom, if you went travelling and it sucked, if you’re the worst sales guy at your company, if nobody put in for your charity fundraiser, if you didn’t make the Ultimate Frisbee team, if you don’t think Jennifer Aniston is still hot, NOBODY CARES!!!!!

When we go out on a new venture, try something new, express ourselves, we’re arrogant enough to think that the whole world is watching us when we fail. Well just so you know, nobody really genuinely cares. Everybody is too busy thinking about themselves, already swamped thinking about their own needs and wants. I don’t mean that in a narcissistic or uncompassionate way, it’s just your downfalls and failures are really not high priority.  You’re the only one thinking you’re a ‘failure,’ not us.

Take my thought life for example, i’ve put it in a pie chart to simplify it..

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 15.10.30.png

See? My thinking is already dominated by Disney’s golden couple and The Earth Song. You on the other hand, take up 3 percent.. Congrats..

So take this post as permission to fail. Get good at it. Make it a daily practice. Fail often and fail hard. Because the reality is, nobody efffingg  cares!!!!!!!





Letting Go of One Day Being Known


I used to wanna be famous…  Like bad..  Almost kind of weird bad..


My biggest motivation for doing or being anything would always point towards fame and influence. That was my metric for ‘success.’ How many people saw it!? How many likes!? Craig David Retweeted it! CRAIG DAVID RETWEETED IT!! CAN I GET A FREAKING REWIN – Oh fake account..

So many of us want to be seen..  We obsess over the hits, the shares, the views, the likes, the retweets. It’s ingrained in our culture, a simple desire to be known.  I’m sure Jesus was the same, spamming everyone’s news feed about his next preaching gig.


Last posted 14th March 31Ad 2.12pm:



*Peter Liked this*

Side note: All of Jesus’s teachings bring greater revelation in the voice of Fat Man Scoop..

So here’s the sugar, I am slowly devaluing fame, popularity and success to the market price it deserves.  Instead now I get more more excited about just simply living well. No Jonathan Ross interview needed.

So here’s to the hidden ones, the invisible, the ordinary who just simply live well. I wanna be one of you guys! Someone who is no longer building and creating with wide eyes for ‘success.’ Someone who attacks  life with a spirit of contribution and service. Someone  who’s letting go of one day being known.

(See what I did there, put the title of the post at the end to give it a little resolve, sign of a mature writer that is  – Again if you missed it)
Someone who’s letting go of one day being known..


PS. Shout out to the bridge for being the photo, that was the stock photo that came up when I typed in ‘Fame’