5 Sitcoms That Will Improve Your Life

I love comedy, especially sitcoms.

In no particular order here are some sitcoms that have improved my life greatly, I hope they improve yours too.

5) The Thick Of It

Malcolm Tucker.jpg

Not only satartising the UK goverment, The Thick Of It presents the best in creative swearing you’ll ever see.

Life improvement score:  7.5/10


4) Extras



This show is almost too prophetic. ‘When The Whistle Blows’ wouldn’t seem out of place on the current BBC 1 roster. I love that Merchant gets the recognition he deserves in this, showing it’s an equal partnership and he can more than match Gervais. Barry is also a great asset, his and Steve’s exchanges are the heart beat of the show, much more than all the A lister appearences.

Life improvement score 8.1/10

3) I’m Alan Partridge


Alan is one of them super powers of British Comedy. He is a machine. He’s intense. So much so, after half hour I need a break from him. The ‘getting Bond wrong scene’ is the closest I think i’ll ever feel to complete happiness.

Life improvement score 9.2/10

2) Curb Your Enthusiam


Effortless. Larry David is a genius. This is all I have to say on the matter.

Life improvement score: 8.7

1) The Office

I hear you squark ‘ Well which one Rob!’ For me there’s only one.


Undoubtedly the best, the absolute best. I have good friends who are friends only because The Office exists. It changed the genre and inspired my generation to do their best Brent impression (guilty.) For me, this is the bar, this shows how good comedy can be.
What people don’t realise is that for a pair of newbies, Gervais and Merchant were extremely ruthless in how they didn’t compramise with the BBC. To be given free creative roam with no experience was and still is unheard of.

Thank you Ricky and Steve, you had me at ‘I don’t give shitty jobs.’

Life improvement score: LIFE COMPLETED